[SOLVED] Best Fix for “The Print Spooler Service is Not Working” on Windows in 2022

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I have had this issue of “Print spooler stopped working” on my laptops for weeks, and I finally SOLVED it on my Windows 10. I am going to show you step-by-step how to fix this issue if you encounter it.

The IT of my University couldn’t fix it, and the issue for me originated from the fact that the driver of my University’s printer started messing up with the “printer spooler” on my laptop. I could not send a printing job or document to print to any printer or outside the University, not even a PDF printer.

I tried many solutions proposed on the first page of Google, even YouTube videos, and the problem kept persisting. All printers had disappeared from my laptop. Luckily, I realized at some point that Windows has internal applications that allow you to fix the print spooler error, which requires just a few clicks.

After searching for weeks, I found a VERY EASY way to fix it. Let’s talk about the steps.

 How to clear print spooler Windows 10 & Windows 11 Error

Step 1: On the Windows Search Bar, type “Find and fix Problems with printing”, and open the selected item or press Enter. This will open the troubleshooter for printer issues.

Step 2: A new dialog window will open looking like this below. Just Press Nextprinter spooler error

The application will check for potential issues with the services responsible for printing on your laptop or desktop

[SOLVED] Best Fix for “The Print Spooler Service is Not Working” on Windows in 2022 1

While detecting problems, it will check the print spooler service for errors.print spooler error

After that, it will open a new window and ask you which printer you are having issues with. If there are no printers on your computer, it will allow you to select a different option.

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Step 3: Select the printer you are having issues with, or select the options available to you.print spooler not running

Next, the application will scan all issues with the printer in question and fix them automatically.print spooler issue 2020

Step 4: After finding potential solutions, it will ask you to move forward with the proposed solution. Just press “Apply This Fix”
printer spooler error fixit

The issue will be fixed automatically by Windows. No need for complicated steps or no need to install third-party apps on your laptop that may contain viruses.print spooler keeps stopping windows 10

Different laptops may have different messages, but essentially, that should fix your issue.

Note that the traditional solution involves these steps:

  • Press “Window key” +”R” to start the Run dialogue;
  • Type “services.msc”, then press “Enter”.
  • Double-click the ”Printer Spooler” service, then change the startup type to “Automatic”. It places the Spooler service to start automatically once you restart your computer. Press “Enter”.
  • Restart your computer and attempt to install the printer.
  • Try uninstalling all printers and printer applications out of the personal laptop system and begin from scratch.

However, these steps don’t work for most people.

I hope the steps above with screenshots help. If they did help, please share the post on social media to help others solve their issues as well.

Take care!!

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