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Want to get data on institutions, and corruption in African countries for your studies or research ideas? You can download them today.

Afrobarometer has the data you need: Geo-coded (Geospatial) and simply merged data.

 This subnational dataset covers Rounds One through Six of the surveys of Afrobarometer in 37 countries between 1999 and 2015. It supplies hyperlocal info about the principles, preferences, experiences, and opinions of more than 200,000 African citizens in 28,000 localities.

It provides village- and town-level data on:

  • The most important problems that citizens would love to see their governments address;
  • the perceived functionality of local and national institutions in solving particular problems, such as the provision of basic education and health services;
  • access to information via newspapers, radios and televisions, and mobile phones;
  • degrees of civic participation and political participation;
  • involvement with and confidence in central and local government institutions;
  • the bodily presence or lack of state institutions (e.g. police stations, health clinics, schools, water and sanitation systems);
  • the reported quality of local public agencies;
  • and local perceptions of and experiences with various types of corruption.

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